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Wednesday evening classes (7.00pm - 9.30pm)

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Wednesday evening classes planned for 2020 are:

  • Term 1 - Philip David - Portraits in Acrylic
  • Term 2 - Lisa Ingerson - Still Life in Oils with Palette Knife
  • Term 3 - Philip David - Intermediate level portraiture
  • Term 4 - Andrew Clarke - Domestic Interiors in Oil
  • Term 5 - Hugh Adamson - Painting movement in Acrylics or Oil

See below for class details.

Term 1
Phillip David:  Portraits in Acrylic

Commencing Wednesday 5 February, 2020

Term code:  W1  

Cost $90 for 6 weeks

This series of classes is aimed at giving you confidence, and fun, in copying and giving character to the human face.  I hope you will relax and enjoy the process of creating. We will explore colour, shape, tone, line, shade and light and you will discover the secrets of Portraiture.

We will use paper &/or canvas sheets, so you don’t place great $ emphasis on each part of the process. Mistakes will be allowed – it’s human!   More details to be provided about the materials you will need.

Download information sheet

Term 2
Lisa Ingerson:  Still Life in Oils

For 6 weeks, commencing Wednesday 8 April 2020

Term code:  W2 

Cost $90

Lisa’s classes will focus on Still Life as a subject, to be painted using oils with a palette knife and small brush.

Class attendees will undertake 2 paintings. One will be a tonal still life in black and white, while the second will be larger, and in colour.

As a guideline for those thinking of enrolling, some painting experience is preferred, but I am happy to teach beginners who wish to try their hand at this term of classes.

Download flyer for more information

Term 3:  Philip David - Intermediate level Portraiture

Commencing 10 June 2020

Class Code:  W3  

Cost: $90 for 6 weeks

Download flyer

Anyone thinking of doing this course is encouraged to look up some of the artists featured in each of the lessons as indicated, so that they may have some familiarity with the styles we will go through.

Term 4:  Andrew Clarke - Domestic Interiors in Oil

Commencing 19 August 2020

Class Code:  W4  Cost:  $90 for 6 weeks

Shown: Andrew Clarke with examples of his work (Wednesdays, Term 4)

Term 5: Hugh Adamson - Painting movement in Acrylics or Oil

Commencing 14 October 2020

Class Code:  W5

Cost:  $90 for six weeks

Further details to be provided.


To check availability of places in the classes, and to book your place, email our Enrolments Officer at:  [email protected] 

To enrol in a term of classes, you must be a member of the Burnside Painting Group. To find out about membership and to join, go to our membership page.  

Fees must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to the start of the term, by:

  • Cheque, mailed to Burnside Painting Group, PO Box 27, Kensington Park SA 5068, or
  • Electronic funds transfer BSB: 105073 A/C No: 286 130 240.  

Please provide your surname, then first initial and then class code eg JohnsE W3.   

You can renew your annual membership ($70 per year) by EFT as well.  

All classes are held in the hall at 67 Bridge Street, Kensington.