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'Celebration of Life'


5 February 2020

I am very pleased to advise that I visited the RAH this morning to view the exhibition, and it looks very fine.  While I was there a number of people were looking at the works and commented to me how good they look.  One work has sold already.

Unfortunately not all of our the paintings could be hung on the main walls so the curators made their call and the following paintings are on show in the Centre for Creative Health just at the entrance of the corridor:- Bruce Paton, Jake; Cynthia Millowick, Magpies Singing; Tina Dolgopol, Celebration of Spring.


Kathy Tyrrell, Exhibition Convenor, Burnside Painting Group

How the exhibition was organised

We have arranged to exhibit at the RAH Centre for Community Health Gallery in February 2020 (2nd – 28th). This presents an exciting opportunity for members to be involved.   We are aiming for a high quality exhibition of new or existing works.


STREAM 1 – to cover 1 gallery wall, 8 x 2 metres or 6 x 2 metres depending on artist interest.  It will be a COLLECTIVE piece comprising 6 to 9 large canvases which will be visually coherent across the theme, and:

  • Each canvas will be either 100 x 75cms or 90 X 60cms (to be finalized depending on level of interest for this Stream)
  • The works will be in acrylic paints. Canvases and acrylic paints will be provided by BPG
  • Artists can work individually or as pairs in developing their idea and/or painting
  • As this is a collective work it will be a team effort with regular “check-ins”
  • This work could potentially be a “flagship” piece for future exhibitions at other venues

STREAM 2 – to cover the other wall - INDIVIDUAL works; new or existing; any medium; “no glass” RAH Gallery policy. 
STREAM 1 interested members have provided an A4 size sketch of their intended work.

  • Nov– Dec 2019:- Artists to provide artwork details and sale price to the Exhibition Convenor if they wish to sell their work.
  • December 2019: - BPG “dress rehearsal” viewing of all works at the hall
  • Late January 2020: -  transport of paintings to RAH. Members to drop their works at the hall on a prior date to be advised.
  • End February 2020: - BPG to organise collection from RAH. Members to collect their works from the hall on a date to be advised.


RAH CCH Gallery Rules Reminder

  • “No glass” policy for artworks. 3.5mm or 4mm Astariglas Cast acrylic sheeting as alternative if required for framed individual works.
  • Works dry and ready for hanging with appropriate D-rings. Either framed or stretch canvas. Works with matts only are not acceptable.
  • Picture rail system – max weight of 30kg per metre; hooks support up to 15kg each
  • Artist (BPG) responsible for delivery and collection of works to RAH Gallery. 
  • RAH Gallery Coordinator and CCH responsible for installation of artwork.
  • RAH Gallery Coordinator has final say on appropriateness of works
  • Works can be for sale at the discretion of the artist. RAH takes a 25% commission. RAH takes deposit from purchaser.