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Photographs from some of our previous classes and workshops

Greg O'Leary's class, 2021

ABOVE:  Tutor, Hugh Adamson, with works created during his 2020 class.

Above:  Photos from Peter Bok's popular classes in 2019, held on Saturday mornings.

Photos from Ellie Noir's classes, 2019.

Comments about Ellie's classes:

"Our tutor for this course was talented figurative artist, Ellie Noir. Ellie is a graduate of the ACSA, has been the recipient of many grants and awards and undertaken studies in France. Ellie took us through the process of painting from life. She emphasised the ‘freshness’ this approach gives to a painting, compared to painting from a photograph. Our model, Ben, patiently sat perched on a piano stool for extended periods, as our subject. (Thank you Ben!) It was a challenging exercise, with each class member sketching and painting Ben from a different viewpoint. 

Ellie demonstrated her technique, followed by us. We commenced with a poster study, emphasising colour and space, before embarking on the chromatic underpainting using a limited palette, and working broad to detail. All in all, a very enjoyable , challenging class with a focus on intense observation of a live model. Thank you to Ellie for mentoring us in the ‘classical approach’ to life painting, and to Ben, our patient, obliging model."   

Susan Mitchell

Above:  Photos from Trevor Newman's Portraiture 2019 classes.

Class review:  "Trevor’s class in portrait was a journey of greater discovery with the usual suspects tonal, chroma, warm and cool along with the canon or system and rules relating to the proportions, dimensions and basic units of measurement of the human head.

Starting out with pencil or willow, we sculpture the form- the lines and plains, clumsy with the first draw­ing, but as Trevor continually asserted, you will notice the improvement as the weeks go by and we did!  Our eye for the line, the relationship, the alignment improved as we proceeded. Moving on into the colour, first limited palette (3 colours+ white), and then a more complex palette, we applied the principles and the results pleased us all. Trevor is an exceptional teacher, taking us through the complex process with ease and aim, that everyone was able to accommodate. He easily engaged with all the members; different levels and styles. Although not complete at the time of report, it was a wonderful course!

A brilliant class, I have learnt a great deal and consolidated previous understanding."    Willie Wilson

Graham Benson Smith's class, Term 2, 2019


"Graham is a breath of fresh air as a tutor. He allowed us to begin at our own level of skill in our own chosen medium and subject, and his genius is being able to observe and truly respect that, and to mentor verbally and also on our paper, with skill which comes from many years of wide experience.

And we learnt heaps from graham on perspective and tone and texture from set lessons.
Thank you Graham."

Richard, returned to drawing after 50 years.  

Greg O'Leary with members of the Burnside Painting Group class, Term 1

More photos from Greg O'Leary's classes.

Members comments about classes by GREG O’LEARY (Monday Term 1, 2019)

Greg’s Class was very well attended by a very enthusiastic group of members. Key points of composition were explained in the first two weeks. This was further reinforced by a series of comprehensive notes emailed to class participants. Each member used their own images and painted in the medium of their choice. 

Greg’s guidance and encouragement resulted in all class members developing and achieving an excellent outcome over the six weeks.  We are indeed fortunate to have a tutor with Greg’s experience and professionalism.

by Carolyn Waterman

Peter Findlay's painting classes, May-June 2018

Margaret Tuckey's class, 2017

Melanie Brown's class - pastel works, studying the techniques of the Old Masters (May 2017)

Member's work from the 2017 class 'Portraiture in Oils' by popular tutor, Greg O'Leary

Member's work from Greg O'Leary's class:  Still Life in Oils