Burnside  Painting  Group

Community Art Group

Membership of Burnside Painting Group

Why not join us?


  • Enjoy the company of members as you create new artworks

  • Attend weekly painting sessions with fellow artists 

  • Choose which sessions and classes you wish to attend

  • Learn more about art and techniques, and develop your skills

  • Participate in the Group's exhibitions

  • Receive our newsletter, Palette Scrapings, by email every second month

  • Attend social nights, with talks or demonstrations by established artists

  • Participate in awards and competitions

  • Gain access to our art library and borrow books

  • Vote at Ordinary or Special General Meetings of the Group 

  • Become a committee member

  • Have a lot of fun!

How to join

An annual subscription fee of $60 entitles you to all of the above.

This includes the opportunity to enrol in any of the low-cost classes or workshops we offer throughout the year.

Note that class fees are additional to the membership fee.  

Our classes are great value, providing you with access to professional tutors for under $10 per lesson!!! 

You may do as many classes as you wish, or work on your own projects... it's up to you!

To join, download an application form and send it in the post (or scan and email) to [email protected]

You can pay your membership fee by electronic funds transfer or by sending us a cheque with your membership application form.

Contact our Treasurer at: [email protected] if you have any queries about membership payment.

We look forward to seeing you soon!