Burnside  Painting  Group

Community Art Group

Companion painting sessions

Held on Thursday mornings currently

  • Companion painting is an option for Burnside Painting Group members.   
  • All members are welcome to come along and work independently on their own projects. 
  • No tutor is present and there is no instruction.  

Work on your own projects, without a tutor, in the side hall at St Matthews Homes, alongside the main hall where the classes are held. No class fee is payable - but a gold coin donation is appreciated. 

Enjoy the company of others and share a break at morning tea time, for a chat.

Companion Painting commences again in February 2021, to coincide with our Thursday morning art classes 

MONDAYS:  Companion painting from Monday 8th February 2021 from 10am - 12.00pm.

THURSDAYS: Companion painting on Thursday mornings from 10am to 12.30pm.

Please let Kathy Tyrrell know if you would like to come along so we can ensure we operate in a Covid-safe way. Please also bring your own coffee cup for the time being.

Email: [email protected] or Mobile: 0417 845 275.